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Founded in January 2020, ANTIDESIGN is a WOC-owned creative collective focused on strategy, design, and communication. We put the power of strategic & intentional design in the hands of dreamers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses through thoughtful solutions. We create powerful assets and tools to help bold brands build unique & disruptive branding. Our streamlined processes are specifically geared to connect with your dream client.

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I have always had the same dream. I love to help small business owners hone in on their skills, do what they love, and become their own boss. As an Asian-American woman, I am passionate about making space for BIPOC organizations that promote culture and empowerment. I did it, and I want this for everyone. I tell everyone I meet that I believe they could start their own business doing damn well anything - so long as they had the ambition and drive to follow through with it. With the mindset that we can do anything we put our mind to, I started my first design collective offering small businesses the professional, creative, and strategic edge they need against a corporation-saturated market. I have had the honor of being the Creative Director for Wells of Life, Co-Founder & Head of Design for BossBoxx, and the founder of ANTIDESIGN.


Our approach is firmly based on the Emotional Design school of thought, which advocates that humans come to understand the world primarily through perceptions and emotions. In a commercial context, this means that customers primarily want to be enchanted with the promise of a great experience.

The difference between a customer loving a brand, and a customer being a die-hard fan of a brand, lies in the details. Think about the last memorable unboxing you experienced. What did you love about it? For example, I recently placed an order with Glossier, and had an extremely pleasant unboxing. From the details of the branding on the box, to the stickers and handy-dandy carrying bag that comes with every order...the experience left me pleasantly surprised and wanting more. They were little things, but they had a big impact - I put the sticker on my phone (free advertisement), and because the box was so pretty I ended up posting it to my social media (more free advertisement + introducing to my network!). 

The brands that we tend to love and remember the most are those that care about "the little things." They provide a memorable and emotional customer experience that leads them to telling everyone they know about it. We call this enchantment.

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If mastermind classes, self-growth, learning, and taking action are your JAM and the thought of brainstorming & growing your business energizes and excites you - then hell yeah are we the studio for you. Our team is passionate about dream scheming how goals can become reality.


All brands have a distinct brand personality regardless of whether they deliberately build one. But without intention or thought, most brands end up with either a generic clone brand personality or, even worse, a completely bland, forgettable personality. If you're a brand that prioritizes providing value for your specific audience and wants to be laser focused on what makes you you - then we are the studio for you.


We're not for everyone, and that's okay! You can count on us to tell it like it is. We believe that any team you hire should be just as excited about your vision as you are. If we feel we are not a good fit for a project, we will be honest and communicate that with you before the start of a project. We will always be honest with what we suggest and strategize. 

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